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    All you have to do is come fishing with us in Vanuatu in 2012 on board either Nevagivup, Reel Capture or Wahoo and catch a Blue or Black Marlin that is over 1,000Lbs. This is fished to IGFA Rules and Regulations, book now so you don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Fish with Vanuatu’s most experienced and most successful charter operator!

    May saw Reel Capture head to the Northern Islands for a week and was used as a dive boat for MV CV-9, Skippered by Captain Charlie. They encountered some rough seas for the first few days but the weather became kinder later in the week. August saw Reel Capture heading back North again this time with Steve and his sons. We lost the first couple of days due to bad weather as we could not get out of the harbour but they eventually got away. On the first day they headed straight for Epi and they stayed up at Taso’s at Lamen Bay. They encountered some great fishing with Wahoo and some Dog Tooth Tuna as well. On the last day they overnighted at Havannah Harbour before heading back to Vila the next day.

    The last few months has seen some great runs of Blue Marlin coming past with allot of juilevanile marlin and some rather large ones as well. Our boats have been amongst the crowd with one day our three boats raising 12 marlin for the day. Nevagivup was blown away on 130 pound tackle with a 1000 pound + marlin and Reel Capture raised a marlin around the 1200+ pound mark! They also lost an estimated 800+ pound marlin after a two hour fight!
  1. Hot Blue Marlin Bite in Vanuatu

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    Nevagivup was out on a half day charter yesterday and managed to raise 7 Blue Marlin and tagged 2. Unfortunately there were some angler errors but everyone had a great day out on the water. Reel Capture was out jigging in the morning and had a Blue Marlin on whilst they were heading back in. The last week has seen our boats come in with Blue Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna and one day Nevagivup had over 20 bites and landed 10 Wahoo!
  2. Vanuatu 720 Pound Blue Marlin

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      Kiwi anglers David and Jim from Nelson, had a cracking day out with Captain Richard Moruk on the 3rd of September 2012. On a half day charter our of Port Vila Vanuatu, our crew managed to raise 3 Blue Marlin for the day with tagging one, jumping one off and landing a whopper 720 pounder! Both David and Jim both got to experience the fight and after an hour and a half fight, the decision was made to land the fish as it was as tired as the guys were! Not a bad trip for these very lucky fisherman as they had won their holiday and fishing trip in a draw! Congratulations guys on a nice fish!