The last few months has seen some great runs of Blue Marlin coming past with allot of juilevanile marlin and some rather large ones as well. Our boats have been amongst the crowd with one day our three boats raising 12 marlin for the day. Nevagivup was blown away on 130 pound tackle with a 1000 pound + marlin and Reel Capture raised a marlin around the 1200+ pound mark! They also lost an estimated 800+ pound marlin after a two hour fight!
  2. Reel Capture takes out 6Kg Easter Tournament

    The Port Vila Game Fishing Club held its annual 6Kg Easter Tournament based at the Wahoo Bar in Havanna Harbour and of course over the Easter weekend. There were nine teams entered and the weather was still calm and warm, Reel Capture had the Triple J team on board from Victoria which was the Alexander family team with dad John with sons John and James. The fishing was a little quite on the first day with Makira bringing a nice Wahoo to the weigh station, we fished north this day at Nguna after Charles bought the boat around to Havanna Harbour from Port Vila. The game plan was to depart Port Vila on the Sunday morning and to fish Devils FAD. This proved to be a smart move after the slow fishing the day before. Once we got to the FAD and put the gear in the water, it was battle stations! We were pulling in fish over fist with some nice Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Rainbow Runners and Yellowfin Tuna. We also lost two Blue Marlin as well only to have Horizon catch one of the fish that we lost and Fred bought the gear back home for us. The Triple J team cleaned up the tournament up with James taking out Champion Male Angler and they also took out Champion team. The guys did a great job seeing that they hadn’t fished 6Kg before but they were helped along by Eric and Michelle who did the deck for the ...
  3. Fantastic New Site

    Just letting you all know that our fantastic new site has been created by my fabulous sister in law Vicki and she does a great job helping me maintain it.   Michelle
  4. Nevagivup – Wednesday

    Nevagiuvp ventured out on Wednesday on a full day charter with Pat & Jess from New Zealand, with plenty of rain around we headed out at 5.30am. By 9am we had raised 2 Blue Marlin and Jess tagged her first Blue Marlin on 50pd tackle. We then landed some Yellowfin Tuna and Skip Jack Tuna. We then headed north and raised another Blue Marlin for the day. Hopefully the bit will only get better coming up to the full moon!