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  1. Horizon Tags The Biggest Marlin of the Season

    Horizon ventured out today with a group from Melbourne and Sydney and it was their second day fishing on board Horizon. At approximately 11am a nice Blue Marlin appeared in the pattern and teased everyone coming back 5 times before it finally took a lure. Gavin was ready for the strike and once the fish was firmly attached he encounted the next 3 hours on 80pd tackle with the rod bent and the drag on sunset for the last hour. Once the leader was in range Captain Fred told James to grab the leader and once he had the lure to cut the hooks. The fish was still green after 3 hours and Fred estimated the fish in the 700 -800pd range as it could not clear the water in its initially jumps which lasted more than 10 minutes. James restled with the fish and after cutting the line lost the lure. To everyone’s amazement, James dived over the side to recover the lure! Gavin was relived to have tagged this magnicficant fish and the orders from James was no drinking Tusker until the tag was in! Congratulations guys and to Fred and James a well earned cold Tusker once back on dry land!
  2. Reel Capture Takes out Third Place in VMC

    The Vanuatu Marlin Classic was held from the 8th – 14th June 2008 and Crusoe Fishing Adventures had five teams entered fishing from all three of our vessels. There was a total of seventeen teams entered this year and the weather was a little ordinary. Nevagivup Team B, skippered by Charles Wheeler, managed to hook four marlin for the three days fishing with Chris on a nice Blue around the 350lb mark on 30pd for 21/2 hours only to have the hooks pull at the back of the boat. Reel Capture Team A who consisted of Tim, Leanne and Travis and skippered by Fred Temminck, managed to tag and release a small Blue Marlin on 50lb line to take out third place. The fish was caught by Travis Auton and this was his first marlin. There was only one fish caught for 1st and 2nd place but they were on 30lb line. Plenty of fish were lost and seen and once again it was a fantastic tournament. If you would like to fish the tournament next year, you better get in quick as we have bookings already!

     As it was the 1st day of April being April Fools day the weather was perfect and we had friends over from Australia, why not give this fly fishing a go for Marlin. Fred and Charles had been talking about it for the last few months and the plan was to head out and find some fish! This we did indeed! I was a little skeptical trolling lures around with no hooks but after seeing what I saw on this day, this has now changed. The call came from the boys “on the right, on the left” and after Richard had teased a nice 120pd Blue Marlin to the back of the boat, Fred cast his fly and the Marlin took it. When Fred went to set the hook, the Marlin was smart enough to flick his head and freedom was his once again. After the initial excitement, we all said that was awesome, let’s go find another one. A few hours passed by and by mid afternoon we had another fish up in the pattern. After Charles nearly fell off the flybridge with excitement he was yelling, “it’s a big fish ” it was decided not to tease him up but he wouldn’t let go of the lure! This fish was estimated at around 700lb! Not easy to catch when you are only using 10Kg tippet! I’m now hooked but it sure isn’t the easiest way to catch a Marlin! If you are up to the challenge this style ...

     May saw our team head off to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico to fish the Rolex IGFA World Championships. This year 63 teams were entered. Our team was Grant, Chris, Michelle, Fred and John. We were all excited as Fred and I had fished this tournament before and with all of our tackle well prepared, we only needed the fish to co-operate. Fishing the four days in this tournament is a great experience as we saw 50-60 Striped Marlin a day and they proved hard to catch. With plenty of baits pitched to tailor’s, they just weren’t interested, which makes for very frustrating fishing. We managed to release 3 Striped Marlin for points and lost a couple at the back of the boat. Chris and John ended up with their first Striped Marlin release which was a great effort. With the Vanuatu Marlin Classic just around the corner, all of our teams are fighting for the title once again to head over to Cabo San Lucas next year! 
  1. Nevagivup 14th January 2018

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    Wow! What a day on board Nevagivup with Mark and the gang from Tasmania. The guys ended up releasing 2 Blue Marlin with 1 being caught from a triple header and the other one was 170Kgs on 24Kg line class. They also landed 2 very nice Yellowfin Tuna weighing in at 60Kgs and 63Kgs which were caught on Poppers, great effort. It made Captain Charles Wheeler’s birthday even more special and thanks to Dick Nausien for doing the deck.