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  1. A Memorable Day Out on Nevagivup

    The crew headed out for a fun day out on the water and we decided to fish light tackle just for fun. With Charles Wheeler at the helm, Fred landed this 68 Kg Yellowfin Tuna on 24Kg line. Not a bad effort after 40 minutes and John tagged a Blue Marlin around the 130Kg mark on 15Kg line. A great effort after a one hour fight!
  2. Tusker Easter Challenge 2007

    REEL CAPTURE TAKES OUT THE VANUATU TUSKER EASTER CHALLENGE During the Easter break, 12 boats ventured out for a weekend of fun and light tackle fishing. Light tackle fishing is not common in Port Vila so the Port Vila Game Fishing Club hosts this annual event to promote this style of fishing. The target species for the weekend are all pelagic species. Fred Temminck along with his wife Michelle with friends Paul and Shane headed off early Saturday morning and headed to Tuk Tuk fad and the Marlin Highway, crazy we know with fishing with 4kg and 6kg line class. The possibility of being blown away by a big Blue Marlin was always in the back of our minds. The morning was quite to what we are use to but Fred managed to land a new Vanuatu record on 4kg with a nice 6.6Kg Mahi Mahi. After cease fishing was called, the fleet headed back into Havanna Harbour to join up for a swim, good feed and of course a few coldies. That night we encountered 2 Metres of rain! So to say that we were wet was an understatement. Sunday morning we ventured further north to an Island called Nguna. The fish were not on the chew the day before but the Wahoo sure did make up for it. Sunday was only a half day of fishing and Reel Capture managed 7 Wahoo strikes, landed 5 and Fred did it again with another Vanuatu Record! This time it was ...
  1. Nevagivup 14th January 2018

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    Wow! What a day on board Nevagivup with Mark and the gang from Tasmania. The guys ended up releasing 2 Blue Marlin with 1 being caught from a triple header and the other one was 170Kgs on 24Kg line class. They also landed 2 very nice Yellowfin Tuna weighing in at 60Kgs and 63Kgs which were caught on Poppers, great effort. It made Captain Charles Wheeler’s birthday even more special and thanks to Dick Nausien for doing the deck.