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    The Grand Hotel and Casino Vanuatu Marlin Classic was held from the 21st – 29th of May 2010. Our base this year was from The Grand Hotel which is located right in the heart of Port Vila. We had twelve teams enter the tournament with teams from Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia as well as the usual local contingents. Friday night was the Calcutta and Briefing and a great night was had by all, no fishing on the Saturday as we all needed a day of recovery before fishing started on the Sunday. Saturday night saw Port Vila cop over 250mm of rain! The rain did not let up on the Sunday and the first day of fishing was very wet to say the least. Apart from no visibility, Skippers had to dodge large logs and trees that had been washed down from the rivers. The water remained dirty for the whole week and added with water temperatures that fluctuated as much a 2 1/2 degrees centigrade it would prove to make fishing very difficult with numerous marlin being seen swimming on the surface, none of which could be enticed in to a bite. Shogun hooked a nice Blue on 15Kg only to have the marlin jump onto the line and break off! After cease fishing, we had the afternoon weigh ins and I must say that I have never seen wetter fishermen! The weather cleared on Monday morning for the 7am shotgun start which we had every morning. Southern Destiny had a double hook up on Sailfish ...

    The Port Vila Game Fishing Club, Tusker Game Fish Classic was held on the 28th & 29th of November 2009 and was run out of the Anchor Inn with a total of 19 boats and 54 anglers. It was also great to see many international anglers coming from Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia to experience some great Blue Marlin fishing. Start fishing on Saturday was at 7am after a spectacular shot gun start in Port Vila Harbour. The seas were great for the weekend with 10-15 knots and seas to 1-1.5 metres. Nevagivups team this year consisted of Rodney & Gayle McPhee, Michelle and our Skipper Captain Charles Wheeler. Unfortunately this year saw Rodney spending the whole weekend in bed with a mysterious illness so this left the girls to do battle with the rest of the field. Saturday saw Nevagivup tagging and releasing two Blue Marlin on 15Kg line class after raising four Blues for the day. Michelle encountered a nice 140Kg Blue Marlin and after an hour the fish was released. In between the next Blue, Gayle landed a nice Mahi Mahi, then we were pulling our hair out with a small Blue that just wouldn’t hook up, he took the lure 5 times before he gave up. Then half an hour later, Michelle was onto another Blue, after a 10 minute fight a small Blue around the 60Kg mark was tagged and released. After being on the troll again, Gayle hooked up to a nice Blue around the 100kg mark, ...

    Sunday the 22nd of February 2009 saw five vessels take the ladies out  to fish the waters of Port Vila. The weather gods had looked down on us once again and the ladies had a great day out on the water with the odd glass of champagne being consumed. Nevagivup skippered by Captain Charles Wheeler, with anglers Michelle Temminck and Samantha Vale and deck hands Russ Housby and Richard Moruk, took out the tournament with two Mahi Mahi to Sam and adding another 10Kg record to Nevagivup’s tally. We also lost two Blue Marlin, with the hard luck story of the tournament going to Michelle after a 1 1/2 hour fight with a 500pd Blue Marlin on 30pd line. Due to some minor problems on the boat, we had to cut the fish off. All in all, it was a wonderful day out on the water and some of the ladies got amoungst the action.

    January 2009 saw Horizon head up to Santo for a two week charter on Ratu Island, one of Santo’s newest resorts. After a hectic Christmas period, Michelle, Charles and Paul decided to bring Horizon home after her charter with Charlie and James and take a short fishing break. The weather was superb and allowed us to fish off Santo for the first day mooring at Bokissa Island that night. This day Paul tagged and released his first Blue Marlin. The second day saw us head South to fish the rich waters off Malakula. We encoutered some rather large Yellowfin Tuna and Charles tipped the scales with a nice fin around the 70kg mark. We anchored at Port Sandwich at Malakula which is a large river with amazing scenary. Wednesday morning was an early start to encounter some large Dogtooth Tuna at the southern end of Malakula. Michelle encoutered some large doggies only to pull the hooks. We landed two nice doggies around the 20kg mark and landed a couple of Wahoo as well. We then trolled down to Cooks Reef and anchored off Emae Island for the night. Thursday was also an early start as we had to make the passage between the islands where the currents meet. Here we encoutered some nice blue marlin as well with Michelle tagging a Blue around the 100kg mark and Paul tagging another blue around the 200kg mark. We also raised another two for the day and landed a couple of nice Mahi Mahi ...
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    Wow! What a day on board Nevagivup with Mark and the gang from Tasmania. The guys ended up releasing 2 Blue Marlin with 1 being caught from a triple header and the other one was 170Kgs on 24Kg line class. They also landed 2 very nice Yellowfin Tuna weighing in at 60Kgs and 63Kgs which were caught on Poppers, great effort. It made Captain Charles Wheeler’s birthday even more special and thanks to Dick Nausien for doing the deck.