With a whopping 30 charters in August and 36 charters in September, Crusoe Fishing Adventures has had it’s busiest months since we have been here!

Leanne and her partner Tim fished with us in August and managed to fish a day on each of our boats. Their end tally was 7 Blue Marlin raised, 4 hooked and 1 tagged. The fish were winning that week! They also ended up with a nice mixed bag of Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi and also raised a couple of Sailfish. The pictures are of Leanne with a small Vanuatu Yellowfin and Tim with a nice Bull Mahi Mahi.

This month I am going to list the newsletter stories individually on our blog as it is more suited for that format.

Leanne with a small Vanuatu Yellowfin Tim with a Bull Mahi Mahi