Russell from Townsville Queensland was visiting Vanuatu to catch up with some of his family. Whilst on holiday here, he decided that he wanted to take the family out fishing for the day and he had one wish, to catch a Blue Marlin. After a 20 minute fight, the fish ended up tail wrapped and it was decided to bring the fish in to weigh. Congratulations Russell and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

Mark from Melbourne was also on a mission and to celebrate his 50th birthday, all he wanted to catch was a Marlin. The day was mill pond with no wind, plenty of haze and very calm seas, we decided to head out to the FAD and we caught a couple of Skip Jack and live baited for about an hour to no avail. We then put the trolling gear back out and headed down south to Pango Bird, once in the area we raised two Striped Marlin and after one had a go at three lures, we got lucky and hooked up. After a 30 minute fight, the fish was beside the boat, unfortunately it was hooked in the eye and Mark wanted to bring it in. The fish weighed in at 85Kg, well done Mark and Happy 50th Birthday!